Top 10 Best Phones for Call Quality -2021 [Buying Guides]

Smartphones take place over the ages of this world. However, the best thing is that these smartphones are made of new enhancements and with advanced technology as well. Even though, some of us still facing issues regarding the call quality. In that case, we have gathered some the perfect and the best phone for call quality which will surely give you everything you actually want.

Hence, having a smartphone will low call quality can seriously suck us, especially those working people.

Smartphones have many other important features, but still, the smartphone with the worst call quality can seriously waste your money. So, hang up to our article below and explore the 10 best smartphones for call quality.


10 Best Smartphones For Call Quality:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

best smartphone for call quality


This phone is one of the best phones which are good in overall features. This will be suited for you as it is the best phone for call quality which allows you to listen to the voice like crystal clear.

The phone has come up with a huge screen of 6.3 inches along with the most powerful processor of octa-core (4×2.3GHz + 4×1.7GHz). However, don’t worry about the battery backup, as it is powered by a 3300mAh long-lasting battery.

Thus, you will enjoy the camera result which is 24MP in total. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has two back cameras of 12MP along with the front of 8MP. Filled with a huge capacity of 6GB RAM with 64GB built-in memory.

Hence, we still didn’t get any negative comments about this phone’s call quality. Somehow, if you have already tried this, then do share your experience with us below in comment section.

  • The most feature-rich Android phone you can buy
  • The two cameras take fantastic pictures
  • Stunning design and build
  • MicroSD expansion
  • IP68 certified
  • ‘Infinity Display’ is excellent
  • 6GB of RAM
  • Poorly placed fingerprint reader
  • Samsung still loves overwrought software tweaks
  • It might be a bit too big and heavy for some users



2. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9


Well, yes, it’s a new astonishing year for Samsung lovers, as Samsung throws this wonderful phone which has a superb marking on the quality of a call. Thus, Galaxy S9 is far good in making calls because of its unique microphone and the compact holes for a hearing which makes the voice to listen out easily.

Yet, the best phone for call quality which is packed with the processor of Octa-core (4×2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55) – EMEA that allow you to perform several tasks easily.

Even though, the phone contains many unusual things like its camera which has both back and front camera to give you the availability for clicking pictures. It has a back camera of 12MP while the front one is 8MP.

Also, when it’s a time about the battery drainage issue, then you would be surprised that S9 built with the 3000mAh battery. So, never stop talking now and do share your experience with us about Galaxy S9.

  • Gorgeous design
  • Great stereo speakers
  • Better fingerprint sensor placement
  • Headphone jack and microSD card slot
  • Swift biometric security
  • Lacks the Plus’ dual cameras
  • Design is identical to S8
  • Gimmicks galore



3. iPhone X (Best Apple)

best smartphone for call quality


So, here is the best phone for call quality plus capturing outstanding pictures as well. The iPhone X probably the best phone ever which provides you with every aspect of unique features.

You will surely get amazed by its fast browsing experience and camera feature. Though iPhone X launched in 2018, still, we didn’t get any bad reviews about the phone.

Somehow, iPhone X contains many features include, including IOS 11.1.1, which can be updated to iOS 12.1. It has 64/256 built-in memory availability, but no more extra card slot.

The big screen of 5.8 inches will give you a fine way to play games or explore anything. Enjoy the photography time with its dual back 24MP camera along with the 7MP selfie camera.

However, it will give you a reliable battery backup with the power of 2716mAh battery. If you are the X user, then kindly share your experience with us down below.

  • Fast processor
  • Excellent screen
  • Effective facial recognition
  • First-of-its-kind augmented reality front camera
  • Not the fastest modem
  • Need to re-learn fundamental features



4. Google Pixel 2XL

best audio quality smartphone VIEW ON AMAZON

The phone launched back in 2017, October. Google can never disappoint its clients, and for this, the always make sure to provide the best gadget ever. If you are struggling with the low call quality phones and tried many smartphones but still not satisfied, then this one is probably for you.

The phone which has all the ABCs feature include the latest Android 9 update, 64/128GB built-in memory, and 4GB RAM.

Google Pixel 2XL is the best phone for call quality will give you the best experience related to call feature, as it is built with the aluminum body which makes the phone look classier.

Thus, it has a processor of Octa-core (4×2.35 GHz Kryo & 4×1.9 GHz Kryo) which gives you the fast run-out time. 6.0 inches screen, 12MP back camera, 8MP selfie camera, and 3520mAh battery are the main features of the phone.

  • Smart software that will only get better
  • Blazing fast performance
  • IP67 water-resistant
  • Pure Android Oreo
  • Amazing camera experience
  • No 3.5mm headphone port
  • Average battery life
  • Some key features aren’t exclusive



5. iPhone 8 Plus

best smartphone for call quality


iPhone probably the best innovation which is the best phone for call quality. Though this time we are talking about the iPhone 8 Plus, which has IOS 11, upgradeable to the iOS 12.1.

A perfect 5.5 inches screen with Apple A11 Bionic chipset. The phone has simply all the classic feature which allow you to listen to the calls clearly without any shaking or disturbance.

iPhone 8 Plus comes with the 64/256 GB built-in memory along with the 3 GB RAM. This one has a dual back camera set up of 12MP+12MP while the front camera is 7MP.

The battery power is 2691mah, which means you can get enough time to spend a quality talk on calls without any battery issues.

Probably the best phone with great features, if you agree with us then comment below and let us know about it.

  • Wireless charging
  • Powerful new processor
  • Impeccable performance
  • Starting storage size is a roomy 64GB
  • Lacks the latest modem features and bands
  • Single camera is a disadvantage for AR
  • Lacks headphone jack



6. OnePlus 5T

best smartphone for call quality


This phone was first launched in 2017, November. If you are facing difficulties regarding bad or low call quality, then change your phone to this one. This is probably the best phone for call quality which gives you immense sound quality plus many exciting features.

So, let’s just begin to count its features include a huge 6.1 inches screen with the processor of octa-core (4×2.45GHz + 4×1.9GHz). It is covering with the dual back camera set up of 16MP and 20MP along with the front of 16MP.

Enjoy the battery locked up a system which is 3300mAh that will give you a lot of time to spend on your calls especially. So, what’s your thought about this one? Don’t forget to share a remark on this phone.

  • Fast processor for the price
  • Well-placed fingerprint sensor
  • Premium look with a headphone jack
  • Minimalist, elegant design with less bezel
  • Its few software tweaks are useful in small ways
  • No expandable storage
  • Not rated for water resistance



7. Sony Xperia XZ

best smartphone for call quality


First released in 2016, October. The best phone for call quality because it is furnished with some great features. The phone is full packed with the latest Android 8.0 and give you the screen size of 5.2 inches long. No worry about the battery, it will provide you with the 2900mAh battery power so that you can hang on your calls for a long time.

The camera feature is 23MP back camera and the front is 13MP with other camera features. Thus, it has a fast processor of Quad-core (2×2.15 GHz Kryo & 2×1.6 GHz Kryo) that well enough to play games online.

Now enjoy the crystal-clear calls and listen to your loved ones properly without any issue. Do you like this phone?

  • Dependable camera
  • Crisp, colourful visuals
  • Waterproof
  • Dual frontfiring speakers
  • Expandable storage
  • Scratchy, handfilling design
  • No fingerprint scanner in the US
  • Not much different than the Xperia X Performance



8. Nokia Lumia 635

best smartphone for call quality


So, here is the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 which gives you an 8/512GB of internal storage along with 1GB RAM. The phone is quite good for low budget people, and it will give you a clear sound for calls as well.

The screen size is about 4.5-inches long and having the processor of Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7. This phone will provide you the one single back camera of 5MP and a long-lasting battery of 1820mAh.

This is really the best phone for call quality which can be easily fit your wallet. And as it is compact in size, so it will never take much space in your pockets or so.

Already have this phone? Then do share the experience with others through our comment section below.

  • Colourful design
  • New, improved Windows Phone 8.1
  • Value for money
  • In-built motion sensor
  • Reasonable camera
  • Accessible price
  • Low-res, blocky screen
  • Some apps not available on Windows Phone 8.1
  • No auto brightness screen setting



9. iPhone 6

best smartphone for call quality


Get this best phone for call quality now and stay hassle-free with all those low call sound qualities. Enjoy the unique features of 4.7-inches long screen, 1810mAh long-lasting battery, and as well as the iOS 8, upgradeable to the iOS 12.1. The phone will provide you with the 8MP back camera and 1.2MP front camera for great clicks.

A multi-functional phone which can bare anything you want to open. However, it has the best processor of Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon (ARM v8-based) that will maximize the browsing experience for you.

We think this phone will surely attract you more because it is low in price and still have many positive reviews on the web. Try it now and leave your remarks about it in our comment section.

  • 3D Touch is a game-changer
  • Terrific camera
  • Excellent performance
  • Familiar quality design and build
  • Live Photos is fun, if a novelty
  • Battery life is basically the same
  • Screen still relatively low-res



10. Sony Xperia Z4

best smartphone for call quality


Sony Xperia Z4 smartphone was actually first launched in 2015, April. Enjoy the fast browsing experience with 1.5GHz processor along with a 3GB of RAM plus 32GB internal memory. The phone will give you a back camera of 20MP and front camera of 5MP.

The Sony Xperia Z4 is the best phone for call quality and operates on the Android version of 5.0. The battery power is 2930mAh non-removable. Enjoy the gaming experience on the large screen of 5.2 inches and get this phone with such low-price rates as well.

  • Thin, lightweight design
  • Stunning 2K screen
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent battery life
  • Productivity powerhouse
  • Expensive
  • Only 32GB of storage
  • Noticeable heat buildup


So, we hope you like our top best phone for call quality, now get up and try one of them to get further rid of bad call issues. And do not forget to leave a comment about our pickup list…

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