How to choose the right gaming laptop in 2019

How to choose the right gaming laptop? Most of the gamers prefer gaming PC’s but some of the times there is a need for mobility. So for those gamers who need mobility the best choice for them is gaming laptops. But before buying gaming laptop you must be careful about some factors which are very important for a gaming laptop. Not only you have to check the specs of gaming laptop but also you have to look for its display, keyboard and other things which really matter for a pro gamer. For buying a perfect gaming laptop you have to follow some suggestions mentioned below.

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GPU needed for a gaming laptop

There are two categories of games, the first category uses CPU and the second category is still bound to GPU. So you must be careful about this before buying a gaming laptop. Most of the gaming laptops are addressed with Nvidia GeForce GTX or RTX GPUs. The selection of the GPU depends upon the nature of the games you want to play on your system. There are some games categories and suitable GPU’s are mentioned below.

  1. Entry-level gaming:

If you want to play games on highest settings so the best option is GTX 1650. It will give you a little bit more power. But you have to spend a large amount on those laptops having GTX 1650.

  1. Mainstream Gaming

For mainstream gaming, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 is the best choice. It will let you play most of the games on high settings.

  1. VR and Highest settings

If you want to play any game on highest settings RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 is a perfect choice. These cards will let you start pumping up effect just like Nvidia game works. Laptops which are addressed with these cards are most expensive so if you want the best gaming experience you have to spend large amount to get them.

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Other specs needed for a gaming laptop

After GPU there are some other specs you have to choose carefully.

  • CPU

It depends on your budget you can get a powerful Core i7 CPU and also there is Intel Core i9-8950HK. There are also some laptops having desktop CPUs.

  • RAM

There is also a role of RAM in gaming tasks. The recommended RAM for average productivity tasks is 8GB. But if you want more productivity so then you have to go for a 16GB RAM. In most of the laptops, RAM is upgradable. So you can upgrade RAM in your laptop later on.

  • Storage

Most of the laptops come with HDD while others come with SSD. The new technology gaming laptops are addressed with SSD. But there is a small SSD in most of the gaming laptops which serve as a boot drive. There are rare laptops in which HDD and SSD work simultaneously.


There are several things which you have to check in keyboard before buying a gaming laptop.

  • Key travel

Key travel means that how far down you can press the key. The recommended key travel is 1.5 millimeters while if there is 2mm key travel so it’s the best choice.

  • Actuation

Actuation means how much force you need to apply to a key for pressing it down. If there is 65 to 70 actuation force is required so this means that you can do your task by pressing keys softly.

  • Macro keys

It’s a difficult task to find macro keys on gaming laptops as compared to desktop keyboards. If there is a set of programmable macro keys it enables you to easily complete the most common tasks in games. There is usually custom software provided by laptop manufacturers.

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